Tuesday, January 19, 2010

God's Greatness

Something I wrote two years ago.

God's Greatness

Tears are quickly falling against the rose in child's hand.
Too young to know true heart ache, she shouldn't understand.
What do you tell a girl when a drunkard took her mom?
Can you tell her just to smile and be happy and move on?

Crying can't be useful, so he ducks his aching head.
Every day this boy is punished in his younger sister's stead.
Bruises fade, but pain does not, and what's the point to hide?
Three long years from today, he'll commit suicide.

We break, we cry, and we feel pain as our loved ones fly away.
What is the point of living here if we're to die anyways?
Trust in Christ, the Mighty God, because His love never fails.
The price for pain was covered up with a wooden cross and nails.

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