Saturday, January 23, 2010


Something I wrote when I was about eleven years old.  I think it was a joke.


I'm sick, Mother.
I don't know why.
I feel real bad.
It's not a lie!

I might have a stomach bug,
Or maybe the flu.
I'm coughing so badly,
It could be the croup.

My tongue feels real dry,
And my throat is so sore!
But I liked that cough drop.
Could I have some more?

I vomited two weeks ago...
That counts, right?
And I think I turned bright green,
Sometime late last night.

My bones have all been broken,
And my poor ears ache.
I'm hot... no, wait! I'm cold! That's it!
I shiver and I shake.

My nose is runny.  I feel funny.
Can I stay home today?
Yes, that's great! No, I don't want tea.
I'm going outside to play.

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