Thursday, May 13, 2010

Planet Earth

Planet earth is busy, crazy, and loud,
Filled with the self-centered, lazy, and proud.
I wish I was up there with You right now,
But I'm stuck in this life and I can't make a sound.

Only You see me through the noise and the mess.
You know when I'm struggling, but trying my best.
You open Your arms and give me hope and rest,
But this harsh world is putting my faith to the test.

I feel like I'm drowning most of the time.
A light in this darkness is so hard to find.
Sometimes all I wish is to just press rewind.
You continue to guide me when my heart is blind.

I am only a child- that much is true.
There is so very much that I cannot do.
Yet I feel a hope. I have been renewed.
When I lose my courage, I will look to You.

Emily Whelchel

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