Monday, January 24, 2011

A Face Like Grace

I'm going to show you another picture I took while in Kenya, Africa.

6771_1204437949571_1187288064_625102_2229224_n.jpgThis photograph is simple, but beautiful, in my opinion.  The elderly lady in this picture was so sweet and gentle and soft spoken.  The creases and lines on her worn face only give her more grace.

Whenever I see her picture, I know that she's been through many difficult times.  She's seen things I couldn't imagine.  She knows what it means to suffer, but she also knows joy.

I pray for this woman and her family quite frequently, even though I never even learned the woman's name.

You know, I think she's absolutely beautiful.

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  1. If this were facebook, and each entry had had a 'like' button, I'd have liked that entry.. I agree, I think she's beautiful too.