Sunday, February 20, 2011

You Know My Name

You Know My Name
I have fallen many times.
I am broken.
I am small.
And yet You say, "You are mine."
You know my name.

The universe is so complex.
Stars and sky,
And then there's me.
Fallen when I try my best.
And You still know my name.

I know I do not look like much.
Just a girl.
Just a child.
Yet my heart you heal and touch.
You know my name.

My shame overflows my being.
I've messed up.
I've failed.
And still I feel the peace You bring.
I'm humbled that You know my name.

I'm the apple of Your eye.
Though I'm clay,
Though I'm sin.
I give You me until I die,
Because You know my name.


  1. This gave me chills, it is really good. I love your poems and rally enjoy seeing them on here and reading them.

  2. You really are a talented writer.