Friday, March 25, 2011

I need to recharge my batteries!

Day 7: What is your place of refuge?

P1010357.jpgMy place of refuge is my bedroom.  Dorky, huh?

But it's the honest truth.  My mom always tells me that some people recharge their batteries when they're around other people (like my best friend Ali, for example).  When they're alone for too long at a time, they'll start to feel worn out and unhappy.  I'm the opposite.  I recharge by being alone in a peaceful, familiar environment.  I love to be around people, but if I'm around anyone for too long, I'll start to grow weary.  I need time to myself: at least a few hours a day.  That's how I recharge.

When Ali is at my house, we have to learn to live with each other.  Ali is the type who truly wants to spend time with me.  That's how she feels loved and that's how she recharges.  If I'm not careful, I'll hole away from her for a couple of days and she'll become hurt or worried that I'm mad at her, when really, I'm just recharging after a busy week at school.  On the other hand, Ali's learned that if we spend several days together without any alone time, I'll start to feel exhausted and unhappy, so she's realized that I need a few hours to myself each day.  It's like we're married. :)

When I'm alone, I read, write, play guitar, listen to music, have alone time with God, and just... soak in the peace.

I love peace and quiet.  Don't you?

And today's questions are...
1. What is your place of refuge?
2. Do you recharge by being alone or by being around people?

Update: Okay, I can't help but laugh.  Looking back, I'm not exactly sure why I chose the picture I did for today's blog post.  It was taken in my bedroom, so I guess that's the reasoning behind it, but still... it's an interesting picture for this topic.


  1. 1. I'm not quite sure about this one. Probably any place I can get away from my family.

    2. I'm not sure. It used to be that I would say I recharge without being around people, but sometimes I just need to be with a group of friends: laughing and hanging out. I just need balance. It's a change that recharges me more than anything.

  2. My place of refuge:
    1) a hug ( seriously, it makes me feel safe)
    2) My Swing
    3) My hiding place in the woods...only draw back? ticks!

    How do I recharge?
    hmm...differently at different times. Sometimes its in art, scribbling plays/sketches or poems. Sometimes its simply vegging out on bed in front of a borrowed laptop. Its usually around people..or in my hiding place:)

  3. 1) Probably in my room reading a book. I get lost in the pages and can get my mind off life and just relax. No matter if I'm upset, mad, tired or restless, a book(and some chocolate!) calms me. I'm such a nerd...=D

    2) Well I'm an introvert so I "recharge" by being by myself. There I can clear my thought and prepare to face the world again! My brother likes to be around people. He always has to have something planned, can't miss an event, and if he's not around people, he's texting them!

  4. Haha aw that picture is cute :)

    1) My bedroom! :)

    2) By being alone. I'm like you - I love being around people but if I'm with them too much I'm like, "Aagh leave me alone!" *Hide* Haha not really...but I do like having time by myself :)