Friday, April 29, 2011

My Family

Day 27: What do you like best about each member of your family?

Me and Dad jpgDad
I like my dad's sense of humor.  Even though sometimes he's embarrassing, he's funny and isn't afraid to be himself... around anyone.  A lot of people like my dad.  Just about wherever I go, someone asks me if I'm my dad's daughter.  They then proceed to go on and on and on about how much they love him and how funny he is.  "Punch your dad in for me.  Make sure your dad behaves.  Tell your dad I'll be thinking about him during the next Cowboys game.  Tell your dad I said hi."  I've heard these things hundreds of times.

But because of his popularity, my dad has been able to be a great witness and leader in our community.  There's something about him that makes people respect him.  It's a God-given gift.  I admire my dad a lot.

I like how my mom was made to be a mom.  She devotes everything in her life to her kids and has even become a mom of sorts to some of my friends.  She's loving and nurturing and often knows just what to say.

As I've grown older, Mom and I have become friends.  We spend a lot of time together and I've enjoyed that a lot.  I love to eat lunch with my mom and see a movie with her.  It's nice to spend time with my mom and have fun.  A lot of moms don't allow that kind of relationships to occur between them and their kids, but my mom does.  I'm so glad about that.

amy and me jpgAmy
I like Amy's enthusiasm.  It doesn't matter what she's doing.  She'll give each task her all.  She has a passion for everything around her.  She has a passion for life.

You can read Amy like a book.  When she is sad, she cries.  When she's happy, she laughs and becomes extremely excited.  When she's angry, she screams.  At times, this is a trait I don't like, but this can also be admirable.  Amy isn't fake.  I'm not sure if she knows how to be fake.  She's very sincere and passionate, no matter what she's doing.

luke and me jpgLuke
I like Luke's sweet spirit.  Not many little 11-year-old brothers are as sweet as mine is.  As he's grown older, he sometimes tries to hide his sweet spirit behind a "cool" or tough guy exterior, but he can't hide it all the time.  I have so many sweet memories of Luke from when he was a little boy, like when he gave me a big hug after I dressed up to go to a school dance, saying, "You are beautiful."

When I'm sick, Luke often comes and gives me a hug, even if that isn't necessarily cool for a fifth grade kid to do.  A lot of my friends say they're jealous of such a cute little brother.  It's true... when it comes to little brothers, mine isn't that bad at all.


What do you like best about your family? 

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