Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Dreamer

Reading a story in the dead of the night,
Hiding under her covers with a flashlight,
The little girl learns about legends of old-
Of exciting folktales a young girl should know-
Until thoughts begin to float to faraway times.
She falls into dreamland- the clock gently chimes.
She's a joyful part of the battles and fame,
And through many adventures, she earns a name-
The Princess of Dreams, Fine Lady of Stories.
The girl fights off monsters and enters the glory.
She rides a white horse and wears a gold crown,
And soars through the sky as the sun shines down.
She meets a good prince and she marries him too,
And she governs a kingdom in love and in truth,
But as the girl fights the battles that play in her head,
Her mother checks and finds her untucked in bed.
She laughs, "That silly girl at last fell asleep."
And she tucks the child in and kisses her cheek.

By Emily Whelchel

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