Friday, July 22, 2011

Prank War: Bible Test

J: Jokes
Jokes aren't really my thing.  I'm not good at coming up with hilarious jokes and riddles off the top of my head like some people are.  One of my favorite riddles lately is:
Who was the only person in the Bible who never had ANY parents, other than Adam and Eve?
I'll share the answer to the riddle at the bottom of this entry.
I'm much better at pulling practical jokes.  I love sitting down with Rebekah and planning ways to turn Muber's life upside down.  We've saran-wrapped cars, filled cars with shredded paper, and sneakily placed funny bumper stickers on the backs of cars.  We've toilet-papered, had shaving cream wars, and even put chopped tuna on front porches.
One prank I thought of recently from our end-of-school-year prank war, I don't think I've shared on this blog.  I wasn't a part of it because I was out of town those days, but Rebekah was genius and the prank was a huge success.
Rebekah and Muber were in the same Bible class.  Our Bible teacher was also out of town that day, so Rebekah's hilarious mother was filling in.  Rebekah's mom proceeded to pass out papers with instructions for a difficult assignment, presumably from our Bible teacher.  Muber's paper said something like:
You have fifteen minutes to memorize Ephesians 1.  During the last fifteen minutes of class, everyone will stand up and recite the chapter.  This will count as two test grades.
Everyone else's papers said something like:
This is a prank on Caleb.  Pretend like you are studying Ephesians 1 to have it "memorized" by the end of the class, but don't act upset.  Act like it's no big deal to memorize an entire chapter of the Bible in half an hour.  Don't let Caleb find out!
Of course, Muber was in a panic.  He knew there was no way he could memorize Ephesians 1 in fifteen minutes, but everyone else played their roles perfectly.  They shrugged the assignment off, saying, "It's no big deal.  I think I already have most of it down."
After fifteen minutes, Rebekah's mom called Muber up to recite the chapter first.  He tried to beg her to let him go last.  "Everybody else already has it memorized.  Please don't make me go yet!"  However, she wouldn't back down.  Muber slowly walked towards the front of the classroom, horrified and embarrassed.  He began to stumble through what little he'd memorized of the chapter.  By this time, the entire class was laughing hysterically, but instead of realizing the joke, Muber thought they were laughing at his inability to memorize Ephesians 1 in fifteen minutes.
A couple of minutes of struggle passed and Rebekah's mom finally let him off the hook, explaining the prank.  A great success!  Everyone had a good laugh.
Oh!  I thought of another silly joke I pulled on a friend named Joel a couple of years ago.  This was back in the days of MSN messenger.  The conversation occurred a little something like this:
Me: Something terrible just happened.  Someone broke into my house and stole EVERYTHING.
Joel: Oh no! I'm so sorry!
Me: And you know what's creepy?  They replaced everything with exact replicas.
Joel: Oh my gosh! That's horrible! :(
Me: I know.  Even the documents on my computer and all of our family photos are EXACTLY the same.
Joel: You know what's scary?  That means they already had to know everything that was in your house!  I'm so sorry, Emily!  That's terrible!
Well, I thought that surely he'd get the joke in a day or two, so I changed the subject and soon forgot about how gullible my friend had been.  His mom encountered my dad later on.  While they were talking, my dad mentioned the prank I'd pulled and how funny it was that Joel had believed what I said.  When Joel's mom mentioned it to him later, it turned out that he STILL thought someone had broken into my house, taken everything, and replaced it all with exact replicas.
I love gullible people.
Oh, and by the way, the picture to your right is from the time when I tried to teach Muber how to spy on people with a hand mirror.  He's got the creepy part down, but not how to spy SECRETLY.
Anyways, I'll go ahead and share the answer to the riddle above.  Have you guessed it yet?
It is...
Joshua, son of Nun
What are some of your favorite riddles, jokes, and pranks?
If you'd like to start taking the alphabet blogging challenge on YOUR blog, please let me know in the comments so I can read along.

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