Saturday, August 27, 2011

Lizard in the Bathroom!

I've had quite a few questions from readers over the last week or two, saying, "What's college like?  Tell me about the college experience."  I used to ask the same thing.  Now I understand why college students would always hesitate when I asked and say, "Well... it's... college," like that's some sort of reasonable explanation.  I know I haven't been very detailed about my recent experiences on this blog and I'm sorry about that.  I know that not only my readers who don't "know" me would like to see some of what's going on in my life right now, but my family and friends would too.

Now, I do have a calendar to help me plan out my blog ahead of time and I have "my dorm room pictures" scheduled for September 2 and "Ali's dorm room pictures" scheduled for September 1, so that's coming up soon.  But dorm room pictures don't really show what it's like here.

To be honest, things haven't been easy.  It's tough to move ten hours away from everyone you know and love.  It's tough to be forced to make brand new friend groups and live in a brand new place.  My life has not been easy the last week and that's partly why I haven't had a whole lot to say about it.  Everything is just so new.

When you have to start over with friend groups, even when you start to finally find some friends, they're simply not close friends yet... and they won't be close friends until some time has passed and you've shared some experiences together.  Unfortunately, that means the first few weeks--or even months--of living on your own can be pretty lonely at times.  At this point, I'm at the awkward stage.  There are some great girls and guys I've met who seem Christlike and friendly and nice, but we don't really know each other that well yet.  So while we're friendly and I enjoy spending time with each of them, things are still a little weird for everyone.

Plus, it's tough being away from family.  I miss having my parents around.  I miss Ali.  I miss my little brother and sister.  I miss my doggies.  I miss my grandparents.  I miss my old bedroom.  I miss everything about my "old life."

But anyways, after this long rant, I really am doing okay.  I'm not depressed.  I'm not even miserable.  I'm just a little lonely and ready to make some closer college friends.  I've been praying hard that God would bring some GREAT close girl friends into my life and I fully trust that He will.

I thought since I've been getting so many questions about what college is like that I might do a special Q&A about it.  Over the next week or two, you're welcome to comment with any specific college question you might have.  It could be about some of the struggles and emotions involved or it could be about how I get around campus or what classes are like.  It's up to you.  Ask what you want and I'll answer your questions on September 10.

Oh, and I thought I'd share one little instance from the last few days.  Look what I found in the bathroom the other night.

That's right.  He's a lizard!

He was shockingly small.  I have very small fingers and you can see how little he is compared to them.  I don't think I've ever seen a lizard this small in my life.  At first when I saw him out of the corner of my eye, I thought he was a spider or a centipede or something and so I screamed bloody murder.  My friend and one of my suitemates both came running to make sure everything was okay.

"There's a... a... a... a lizard!" I stammered, finally realizing that there wasn't a poisonous spider in the bathroom.  Only a cute little lizard.

It didn't take long for me to catch him and put him in one of our paper Dixie cups.  Together, we all took him outside and set him free in the bushes.  He was a pretty cute little guy.

So... any questions?  Comment them below or send them to  I'll answer them all on September 10.


  1. I feel the same way at times. This is the start of my second week of college and I still feel uncomfortable going to the dining hall, because I don't want to have to sit alone. Luckily, I do have a couple new friends in each of my classes. Its just such a strange time of adjustment.

    Are you liking your classes so far? Are they harder or different then you thought they would be? Are you having trouble finding a church home?

  2. What's a normal day like for you? What is your favorite and least favorite part of college?

  3. What was moving in like? Like was it really crowded and stuff? :)

  4. Hey BFF :) I REALLY miss you too :) but I KNOW you will find good friends. I love you so much!! The other night I saw a post mama posted and I started to cry :( LOL I got your sweet card today :) THANK YOU I LOVE IT! I read it to my friend named Jordan :) Anyways I saw the lizard picture on facebook and thought the lizard was super cute! LOVE YOU :)

  5. Ali, was it that Facebook status? that was so sweet, haha. YAY, you finally got my card! It only took foreverrr. :) Keep an eye on the mail. There are more things to come. ;) I love you so much. We need to have another Skype date because my microphone is working again and I have a lot of updates on things and I'm sure you do too. ;) Oh, I miss you sooooooooo (the feel of forever ;)...) Love you, sister best friend BFF weirdo. :)