Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Rain Drops

Day 1: A photograph you've taken.

I took this picture today with my phone from the inside of my car.

Every Tuesday and Thursday after I finish ASL class, I have an hour before my next class... so I always go to my car and sleep.  It was rainy and muggy all morning, much to my delight (rain is the best type of weather to a Texas girl).  I took my usual nap and fell asleep quickly due to the sound of rain gently falling on the roof of my car.

I also managed to take a picture of the raindrops on my window.  For being taken by a phone, I think the quality of the image is pretty good.  I edited the picture with instagram.

Rain is so beautiful.  Thank You, Jesus, for such a lovely gift today.

What made me laugh is that I saw so many students running from the rain today.  I saw boys with short-cropped hair, t-shirts, and jeans covering their heads with a notebook and wearing ponchos to escape the rain... while I danced and jumped and threw my hands up in the air.  By the time I entered my government class, my shirt was speckled with a thousand water spots and my jacket was soaked completely through.  I had a similar experience walking back out to my car.

The thunder has been loud today as well.  It made me jump the first time, it had been so long since I had heard a clap of thunder.

Oh, rain.  How I love you.

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