Monday, November 14, 2011

To Be Honest...

It's a bit of an awkward time to start a blogging challenge, but I'm going to be entirely honest with you guys... blogging is becoming increasingly difficult for me right now.  It's almost time for finals and I'm struggling to juggle studying, classes, Christian organizations, social hangouts, and taking the time to blog.

My Christmas break begins on December 14, so I think that if I begin a blogging challenge tomorrow, I'll be able to jump back into my normal level of blogging after the next thirty days.  Until then, I'll be partaking in this blogging challenge.  You are very welcome to take it with me, either by answering the question or topic in the comments each day or by blogging on your own.

I'm sorry if you are frustrated with my lack of long and usual blogs... I am too, but I regret to say that I simply don't have the time and energy right now.  I wish I did, but I don't.  In a month, I will, and I already have some big things in mind.
I have a couple of updates with you before I share the blogging challenge.

1.) I've begun posting songs on YouTube again.  I've posted two recently.  I wrote them both.  One is called "College Life" and I posted the lyrics here the other day and the other is called "Miss You," a song I wrote for Gatlin and posted on his birthday.  Feel free to check out those songs on my YouTube channel here.

2.) Good news!  TOMS (you know... the shoes?) is sending me two copies of Blake Mycoskie's brand new book called "Start Something That Matters," one for me to keep, read, and post a review on here for you all to read, and one for me to give away in a blog contest that will begin with the new year.  I am very excited about this contest and about this book, so please keep an eye out for the first "official" announcement about that, which will come soon.

Okay, now it's time for the blogging challenge. The first day will technically begin tomorrow.
  1. A photograph you've taken.
  2. A book you love.
  3. Something you feel strongly about.
  4. Five qualities you think are important in a friendship.
  5. Five ways to win your heart.
  6. Instruments you play (or want to play).
  7. Things you want to say to someone who is no longer your friend.
  8. Put your iPod on shuffle and list the first ten songs that play.
  9. A childhood memory.
  10. What you wore today.
  11. Five pet peeves.
  12. Attempt to describe your personality.
  13. A baby picture.
  14. Something you always think "what if" about.
  15. Something you are proud of.
  16. Three fears.
  17. Describe yesterday.
  18. An embarrassing picture of yourself.
  19. Five words that make you laugh.
  20. What you are looking for in a significant other.
  21. A quote (or Bible verse) you try to live by.
  22. A poem or song you've written.
  23. Someone you miss.
  24. Something you miss.
  25. A worry or problem you have right now.
  26. Where would you like to live one day?
  27. A picture you like of yourself.
  28. Five odd or unusual things about yourself.
  29. What are you excited about?
  30. How have you grown in your faith this month?

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