Thursday, January 26, 2012

Best Friend Tag!

Today I'll be having a best friend tag!  This is something I kind of made up, but it's basically a blog post dedicated to your best friend (or a special friend, if you don't have a best friend) to make his or her day brighter.

Post a picture of your best friend and five things you love about her.

This is Ali.  She's my best friend.  I love...
  1. Her willingness (and eagerness) to participate in adventures with me, such as Facing Prejudice.
  2. Her heart for young girls.
  3. Her big hair (yes, I said it).
  4. How she'll always allow me to take pictures and videos wherever we go.
  5. Her servant's heart.
Describe the day you met.

Ali and I met when we were in the fifth grade... on Valentine's Day, to be exact.  I had just transferred to a new school.  Because I was shy, a former home-schooler, and a bit of a nerd, the other girls in our class who were supposed to show me around ignored me.  Ali reached right through my timidity and we became friends almost instantly.  I spent the rest of the school year eating lunch with Ali.

A picture of you and your best friend together. 

We had our senior pictures taken together. 
A song you both love. 

Our senior year and this year, we have become addicted to the Shane and Shane song "I Miss You."  It's a worship song, but we often sang the chorus whenever we were separated for any length of time (even an hour).  "Ohhhh, I miss you soooo!"

What was your biggest fight or argument?

In the seventh grade, Ali and I ended our friendship for about a month because I stopped being friends with another girl in our class (middle school dramaaa) and Ali said, "Be friends with her again or we can't be friends either!"  I'm stubborn and wouldn't, so we ignored each other for a few weeks.  I'm not even sure how the squabble ended.  But we're fine now, six years later. :)

A video of you and your best friend together. 

Five things you have in common with your best friend. 
  1. We both love Wentworth Miller from Prison Break and think he's very handsome.  Don't believe us?  Look him up.
  2. We both like the colors black and white put together.
  3. We both love Shane and Shane.
  4. We enjoy stalking people on Facebook together... for real, and I know that sounds creepy, but it's something we actually do.
  5. We both decided not to have boyfriends in high school.
 Five ways you are very different from your best friend.
  1. Ali loves chick flicks (in books and movies) and I love action, mysteries, and thrillers.
  2. Ali loves country music and I love rap.
  3. Ali can fall asleep at any moment... I am an insomniac.
  4. Ali likes arts and crafts, while I prefer music and writing.  All of these things are art, but still different. 
  5. Ali thinks about marriage all the time.  I think about... well, anything other than marriage. ;)
Describe the last thing you did with your best friend.

Although Ali and I have not seen each other since late December (wow, I can't believe it's already been a month), we Skype and text frequently.  Last night, we Skyped because Ali has been wanting to blog... however, she lost both her password and email address to log into Blogger.  (Read her blog here.)  So I had to show her step-by-step how to retrieve her password and etc. and etc. and etc...

In person, the last thing we did was eat lunch at a delicious Chinese restaurant with two other sweet sisters in Christ, Rebecca and Rebekah.  We were a little sad because we knew we had to say goodbye, but the day was still fun. 

Complete this: "My best friend is..."

A weirdo.

Okay, just kidding.  My best friend is my sweet sister and I wouldn't have it any other way. :)

Your turn!  Share a best friend tag on your blog... and then send it to your best friend and make her (or him) smile. :)


  1. Emily... you will think this is funny but I cried when I read this.. not just teared up but CRIED... I have had such a long day, very stressful and seeing this was like a blessing only God could have ordained. THANK YOU SISTER/BEST FRIEND :) It really means a lot :) I LOVE YOU!!

  2. This is super sweet!
    Her reaction is even sweeter!

    Im going to do this tonight with my best friend Demi :)

    love your blog, i'd love to follow eachother?
    check out my blog if you like xx