Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My favorite song... of the day.

Day 1: Your favorite song

Honestly, my favorite song changes almost every day.  Last year, I would go to lunch with my mom nearly every day and put on my iPod.  "This is my favorite song," I would say, but it would always be different.  After a few weeks, my mom noticed what I was doing and said, "Can't you only have one favorite song?"  I smiled.  "This is my one favorite... today."

My tastes change depending on how I feel each day.  So today's favorite song would have to be:

"Someone Like You" by Adele

This might be a weird choice of song to be my favorite, but it carries a lot of fun memories and I've been listening to it several times today.

One, it's a pretty song and Adele is a very talented musician.

Two, this is a song Ali and I lip-synced to a few months back, which was quite fun.

Three, Ali and I love Sam Tsui's version (whoever Sam Tsui is).

Four, I can never sing along with this song well, no matter how hard I try.  However, I do love singing along with it.

Five, Adele pronounces "marry" correctly.  This is another inside joke between me and Ali.  Did you know that if you are speaking correctly, you should say "merry," "Mary," and "marry" all differently?  If you don't believe me, listen to them on  In Texas, we pronounce those three words all like "Mary."  Ali and I spent about an hour struggling to pronounce "marry" correctly... and Adele does.

So that's why "Someone Like You" is my favorite song of the day.

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