Monday, May 21, 2012

I can't frat snap.


1.     I desperately want to return to Kenya, Africa sometime soon.

2.     Man, I really need to pack my suitcase for New York.

3.     I miss my college friends. Three months and I will see them again. (Hopefully I will see some of them in the middle of the summer.)

4.     I sure love spending the day with Ali and Rebecca. I love those girls.

5.     Why can't I frat snap?!

6.     Hey, "Captivating" just came in the mail. Should I read that or "Sherlock Holmes" over my New York trip? I can't decide.

7.     I need to go clothes shopping before I head to New York. All I own is t-shirts, jeans, and cargo shorts.

8.     My room is so messy from my boxes of stuff I haven't unpacked yet that it's embarrassing, even if no one is around to see it.
9.     I wish I had more time to blog these days. I miss it.

10.  Where is my umbrella? I heard it rains up north. (It doesn't rain much in the Texas Panhandle these days.) I should probably find that...

What has been on your mind?

1 comment:

  1. 1) My room is such a mess...I should clean it.

    2) Wow, my boyfriend is so sweet :')

    3) Work is so boring.

    4) Did they do research on how to make this uniform as unnatractive as possible?

    5) Hairnets should be banned.

    6) Bacon is pretty delicious...

    7) I have exams coming up soon :(

    8) I should probably eat more than one meal a day. -_-

    9) Do I smile too much at custemors? Could this be considered creepy?

    10) I wish I had more time to read :(