Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Letters for Lavin: February

Before the month is over, I'll share with you my monthly letter to my sponsored daughter, Lavin. I sponsor her through Christian Relief Fund.

For those who don't know, one of the most read posts of all times on my blog is about ideas of things to write and send to your sponsored child. So many people have searched for what to write, at a loss of how to communicate with their sponsored child and relate to them in a way that will bring joy. Because of this, I decided to challenge myself in 2013 to write a letter to my sponsored daughter each month and share it with my dear friends and readers of this blog.

Here is the cover of the card I bought this month. I kept with the "love" theme of February.
"With you... is my very favorite place to be." Not too lovey-dovey.

Here is the inside of the card. You can read what I wrote if you click the photo and enlarge it.

Basically, in my letter, I split the conversation into a few different subjects:
  • I'm a big believer in giving small prayer requests to your sponsored child so they can feel like they are making a difference in your life as well, and that they will rely on the Lord even more than their own sponsor. I made sure to give an update about my prayer request, a continued request, and I also told Lavin that I was praying for her as well.
  • I talked about my week a little bit to help Lavin feel like she was part of my life.
  • I emphasized the importance of schoolwork and grades (I make sure to do this in every letter) and told Lavin I was proud of her.
  • I shared a passage of the Bible I felt would bless Lavin. 

This month, I sent Lavin:
  • Five pictures of me and my best friends. I was sure to write names and what we were doing in each picture on the backs.
  • Two bracelets: a flat, plastic, flowery bracelet and a Silly Band of a cat.
  • A few flower stickers.

See how everything fit nicely in the envelope? It wasn't very heavy, but the letter should be very entertaining and exciting for Lavin to receive.

Receiving a letter from you will truly brighten your sponsored child's month more than you could imagine.  They desire so much to hear from you.  I encourage you to take a few minutes and write to your child.  Even if it is only a handwritten note, the time you take to communicate with them will mean the world. 

I hope today's post gave you some ideas of things to write and send.  If you write a letter to your sponsored child and want to share it on your blog, send me the link to the post in the comments below and I will share it under today's post.

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