Sunday, March 3, 2013

Goals for March

Last month, I shared my goals for the month of February with you all.  I gave myself a little report card yesterday and scored a B-, which isn't too bad, but there is definitely room for improvement!  I borrowed this idea from Kelli's blog at She Learns As She Goes.  My goals for the month of March are:

Blog at least ten times this month.
Last month, my goal was to blog at least once a week and I ended up writing eight posts.  I think I can do better this month, especially since there are three more days in March than in February.  I was a little hesitant to challenge myself to blog twice a week (maybe next month) because of the slight possibility that I will be traveling over part of Spring Break.  Ten posts seemed a good compromise and reachable goal.

Read at least one book this month.
My goal is to read twelve books this year.  The last two months I've already read eight books, much to my delight (since I didn't read very much at all last year), but I want to continue the goal of at least one book per month, so I'm continuing this for the month of March.

Make Bs or higher on my exams.
Last month, I made a couple of Cs on some difficult exams.  Now that I'm more used to each of my professors and the way they make up their tests, I am confident that with enough studying, I can make good grades on all of my exams this month.  Or at least I am going to try my best.

Longboard more.
In February, the weather seemed to consistently be chilly and rainy and all-around unpleasant.  Matched with my long recovery from the flu, I was often reluctant to longboard much at all, even to class.  I'm hoping that March will be a little warmer (although it may very well be rainy), so my goal is to longboard to class from my house at least once a week. 

Go through my closet and give away the clothes I don't use.
My closet is packed out with t-shirts that I get from all of the events and organizations I've been a part of, and it's almost too full to find anything!  I'd really like to narrow down my closet to a reasonable wardrobe and get rid of some of my clothes.  Some I would like to give away to the shelters and ministries in my town; others I would like to save to give to my friends in Kenya next time I go, as many of my shirts have the word "Texas" on them, which is a special treat for those who don't live in America.  I keep putting this off, but it's time that I go ahead and go through my closet.

If you are making a list of goals for the month of March, share the link below.  We can encourage one another.

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