Saturday, May 18, 2013

Late-Night Prayer


It is very late tonight, but here I am, sitting beneath the stars You made, listening to Your voice in the wind.  It is an honor to sit here and speak with You, one-on-one, to sing to You, to taste Your love in the sky and in the grass.  Your majesty fills this place.

Tonight I lift up the girl who is reading this prayer.  I'm not certain who she is or what she is doing right now, but I ask that you whisper to her heart.  Transcend Your peace upon her in a way more powerful than she has ever experienced.  Speak beautiful stories to her.  Romance her through songs of love.  Make her blush at the sound of her name spoken from Your mouth, at the sweet desire and affection You have for her that shines in Your eyes.

Destroy any idols in her heart tonight.  Snatch the Baals from her lips.  Draw her deep into the wilderness, away from distraction and exhaustion and striving.  Beckon her into the wilderness and then wash away the dust until there is only restoration and new life.

Where there is fear, bring boldness.  Where there is weakness, bring transformation.  Where there is affliction, bring comfort.  Where there is pain, bring healing.  Where there is rejection, bring identity in Your Name alone.

Your song echoes in the stars tonight.  Your glory shines.  Your presence is so near.  Walk with me.  Hold my hand.  Hold her hand.  Let anything in this place other than what You desire flee.  Replace brokenness with what glorifies You.  You are worthy.  So worthy.  Let Your Name be praised, Father.


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