Monday, September 23, 2013

Letters for Lavin: August

Every month, I've written a letter to my sponsored daughter, Lavin, and shared it with you as well, to give you ideas of what to write to your sponsored child.  While I did write to Lavin last month, I entirely forgot to blog about it!  So I'll be having two "Letters for Lavin" blog posts this month.

I was absolutely obsessed with the front of this card!  It was so perfect to send to my daughter.  Even though we're half a world away from each other, I still miss her and cherish her so much.

The printed message on the inside of the card says, "and the way you brighten up my world."  Isn't that fantastic?  I stuck some African animal stickers on the inside and talked about a few things, like:
  • Spiritual encouragement and a reminder that I am praying for her.
  • A few more details about where I went when I was in Kenya other than her school.  If you ever go on a vacation, write about the places you go.  Children love to hear about the world.
  • I encouraged her in her schoolwork. 
  • I talked about my own life and how I was about to start university again. 
  • I talked about family birthdays going on in August (the kids at Ringroad Orphan's Day School definitely know what birthdays are).
 Finally, I slipped a few small gifts into the card.

I know my carpet makes it difficult to see, but I sent Lavin:
  • A small sheet of animal stickers
  • A strip of heart stickers
  • A blue headband for her to wear
After visiting Lavin for the second time, the letters that I send mean so much to me.  I cannot believe that the Lord has placed someone as precious in my life as this sweet little girl.  I have learned so much from Lavin's joy and excitement about life.  I pray that God will bring us together again soon!

Have you written your sponsored child this month?

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  1. I have just discovered your blog and I am so glad that I did! My family and I just sponsored two children. We sponsored Johana a two year old and David a three year old. Thank you for sharing what you write to your sponsored daughter. I love the cards that you send her! Where do you find such great cards?

  2. Hey, thank you! That's a great question I have never thought to answer. Lifeway Christian Store actually has a pretty amazing card collection. Target usually has alright selections. I frequently keep an eye out when I'm shopping for cards that would be relevant to kids across the world in different life situations.

  3. very creative

    i like it how you take so much effort to create the card