Monday, October 7, 2013

Letters for Lavin: September

Every month of 2013, I am sending my sponsored daughter Lavin a letter and sharing it here on this blog.  I get so many emails and comments asking for ideas about what to write and send to your sponsored child.  Hopefully this can give you some ideas.

If you don't sponsor a child and are feeling a call on your heart to do so, check out Christian Relief Fund.  You can completely transform a child's life for $35 a month and continue to pursue a relationship and mentorship with them through letters.

This month, Lavin's letter was simple.  Her card was orange, which is the color of hope for AIDS orphans in the horn of Africa.

Inside the card, I wrote about:
  • Thanking Lavin for her letter!  I feel special when I know she received my letters.  I want her to have that same joy.
  • Encouragement for her to study.
  • I gave Lavin Scripture and promise verses for her to read.
  • I updated Lavin about my life and the classes I'm taking in school. 
  • I ended the letter with a few questions so Lavin can have ideas of what to write the next time she decides to compose a letter.
Inside the letter, I put:
  • Three photographs of me and my siblings (with names and ages on the back)
  • Hologram stickers
  • Two Silly Bands that represent my university

Notice that everything fits flat into the envelope.  This is very important to keep postage inexpensive.  Otherwise, your sponsorship organization may not be able to send the letter.

I know some of you sponsor young children.  In these cases, it's very difficult to know what to write because they are just learning to read and often don't understand a lot of English.  This month, I wrote to my sponsored son, David, who is four years old.  Here are some ideas for your letter.

I kept the front of the card simple, without words, and instead put an animal that David will know well: an elephant!

I kept the inside of the letter very simple, so that it'd be easy for the teacher delivering the letters to read to David if needed.  I even drew a little picture on the inside.

Inside the letter, I shared:
  • A picture with me and each of my siblings, with their names on the backs
  • A picture I took of David when I met him this summer!
  • "Football" stickers.  Kenyan kids love to play soccer. 

Have you written your sponsored child this month?

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