Thursday, May 26, 2016

Agape Love

"I love you with an agape love."

his body to be broken on our behalf. Christ loves with an agape love.
A child wrote these words to her CRF sponsor this week. Agape love is the highest form of love. It's unconditional, unfailing, always serving, self-sacrificing. It's the love of John 3:16. It's why Jesus sacrificed his life for us and allowed his body to be broken for us.Christ loves us with an agape love.

And this week an orphan, neglected and forgotten by much of the world, a girl whose first understanding of love may well have been through sponsorship, wrote to her sponsor to say, "I love you with an agape love."

Sponsorship expresses agape love well, reflecting Jesus into the lives of children whose worlds have shattered after their parents died and their homes washed away in the rain and they have felt hungry again and again. It's self-sacrificing and marked by the decision to give of oneself to help another person across the globe.

We cannot love with the fullness of agape love that Jesus has for us, but we can reflect his love like glass windows shining brightly from the sun. And with our fragile flames, we can flood love into the world of a child who will learn about agape love alongside us.

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