Monday, June 20, 2016

Damaris's Story

This summer I will have the chance to visit Metkei for the first time. I’ve been in the area and even saw Metkei from afar from an overlook in Kerio Valley, but I’ve never actually visited this program. 

So much poverty is in Metkei. As an intern, I entered the first batch of waiting kids into the program. They were visibly malnourished with rust-colored hair and faces lined by worry. 

Sponsorship has transformed the lives of 80 of these hungry children. One in particular has touched my heart. 

Damaris has special needs that have prevented her from developing at the same rate as her peers. She doesn’t walk, doesn’t seem to be verbal, and she has become almost completely blind. 

A few months ago, Damaris was diagnosed with obstructive hydrocephalus and two tumors in her head that was causing her blindness to get worse. CRF was able to cover the cost of her emergency procedure—and after a recovery period, Damaris is thriving. 

Not too long ago, her field worker sent this update and it made me smile. 

I love to see the transformation in the lives of these children. In a world of poverty, Damaris is someone who would quickly be discarded. The lack of medical help available to orphans would have cut her life short. But thanks to her sponsorship, Damaris is receiving the care and love she needs.

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