Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Prayer


You are an amazing God.  You created me.  I was made in Your image.  The realization that the One who made me is the same God that put each star and each galaxy into its place... the same God that crafted the mountains and valleys... the same God that halted the waters and brought forth the rain... all of this amazes me.  I am in total awe of Your love.  I cannot stand under the power of You.  The slighting trace of You in my life is overwhelming.  You fill me to the brim with Your love, and it's almost too much to bear, Lord.  I am so small.  I am nothing compared to You.  I can only pray that my life will shine for You.

I know that I am not worthy of the love that You give me.  I am filthy.  I am caked with the grime and the muck that my sin has left on my life.  Without Your presence, my heart would be shriveled and smudged, a record of each wrong thing that I have done.  My life has not always been a light for You.  There have been times that the way I acted and the words I have said have been a distraction that may have led others away from You, Lord.  I am so sorry. 

I am the Prodigal Daughter... but each time I turn away from You, You always take me back again and restore me with Your very presence.  You breathe life back into my lungs, and I am able to feel new again, despite everything that I have done.  I cannot believe that You still love me.  Even when I feel worthless, You see my value.  You restore every part of me until I am a small replica of You.

I thank You for giving me life, Lord.  Without You, I am nothing... I would not even exist if You had not spoken me into being.  I am so grateful for the comforts that You have provided for me.  Because of Your mercy and Your grace, I have food to eat each day- enough food that I am full and there is still some left over.  I have a family and friends that love me for who I am.  I can be myself around them, and they will look past my flaws and see the beauty in me.  You have put these people into my life.  You have provided me with shelter, an education, and good health.  You have given me more than I could ever possibly want, but beyond that, You have given me the ability to go to heaven and live with You for eternity.  Thank You, Lord. 

I ask You to fill me with Your Spirit.  Give me the longing to spread Your love with the world, and take away my selfishness.  I have so much, Lord.  Help me to understand that there are people who are in need of my excess... people who need someone like me to help them.  Please give me wisdom in every situation, even in the hard times that are difficult to overcome. 

I believe that You are my Father, and I want to be a reflection of You.  Shine in my life, Lord.

In Your precious Name,


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