Sunday, June 19, 2011

Worms of Shame

Here is an old poem I found in my window seat of stories and poetry.  I wrote this when I was around seventh grade.  During this time, I was very depressed and had strayed far from God.  You can probably tell.

I lit a candle, wishing that I could see,
Opened my Bible, hoping I could still believe.
'Cause I'm sick and tired of this empty game,
Where love equals loss and life is only pain.
It's a tragedy. Life's filled with misery,
In a world of pain and sorrow.
It's just a tragedy, only a tragedy.
I break my heart in a thousand pieces.
Can You hear me? Show me You love me.
Crumpled pages of a filthy, broken world.
Consequences for those who don't deserve.
The blackest night fills my eyes while I try to pray.
Dirty past, shattered bones, dwelling in worms of shame.

I don't like the rhythm, but I find my bitterness and confusion from this time to be interesting.  I can hardly remember ever feeling this way.  It's amazing to me that I wrote something like this.

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