Sunday, October 10, 2010

I love old people.

I love old people.

For today's challenge, Ali and I hugged a few people at church and at a restaurant, but we decided to visit a nursing home and hug some lonely people.  We went to the nurse and asked her if she would point out some ladies who didn't get many visitors, so she guided Ali to a lady named Goldie and me to a lady named Bea.  Both ladies were adorable and super sweet.  I haven't had such a fun, relaxed afternoon in such a long time.

I had a great experience with Bea.  I brought my nine-week-old Yorkie, Jack, and she held him the entire time.  I loved that Bea told me stories.  She kept thanking me that I came and visited her in her room.  She was so, so, so sweet.  I definitely want to start visiting her more often.  I'd also like to send her a letter to let her know I haven't forgotten her.

Nursing homes can be such sad places, basically where people drop off their elderly family members so they'll die out of sight.  These old people are adorable and wise and loving.  All they want is someone to talk to an for  someone to care about them.  And they deserve it.  I loved today.

Me: Ali, how was your time with Goldie?

Ali: Oh, it was absolutely wonderful.  It was probably the best way I've spent my time in a long time.  Not only do I know that I made her day, but it encouraged me.  Today was definitely not a day wasted.

Me: Any specific stories?

Ali: There are quite a few.  Let's see.  She kept asking me where I wanted to go to college, and I kept telling her A&M- if it accepts me- and then she would go on and on about how in today's world you need to go to college and have a college education, and she would just encourage me so much about college and life.

Me: Does this make you want to visit Goldie again?

Ali: Oh, it makes me want to go tomorrow!


We plan to make our Sunday afternoon nursing home trips a tradition from now on, as often as possible.  That's how much we enjoyed ourselves today.

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