Sunday, January 20, 2013

Only Rags

How can I ever be anything less than awed by You?
How can I lose sight of the only thing to see?
I chose ashes over splendor, over everything of worth,
And through it all, You chose to treasure me.

No distraction should be great enough to hold me.
No earthly thing compares, and yet I wander still.
In my every weakness, my falterings, all my shame,
You lift me up; every empty space with love You fill.

I could fling myself into the waters and You'd reach me.
I could run, but Your grace would catch me there.
Your love is never-failing. I will ever be amazed.
The smallest glimpse of You is too beautiful to bear.

You love relentlessly. I am a bride clothed in wonder.
My words are filthy rags, but Your voice I know.
So I stumble from the darkness with Your hand in mine,
And You whisper songs of love and never let me go.

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