Monday, February 14, 2011

All the Single Ladies

For the eighteenth year in a row, I'm single for Valentine's Day.  I honestly enjoy being single, oven on the holiday that many call "Single Awareness Day."  I like not being tied down in a relationship for the last few months of my senior year.  I haven't always felt that way, but I do this time around.  And I'll admit, it isn't that difficult for me to enjoy being single because I'm not much of a hopeless romantic either.

Some of you single ladies who read my blog (sorry, everybody else... but today's post is for the single ladies) may be feeling sad and lonely today.  Valentine's Day may cause your heart to twinge with unhappiness.  So today I thought I'd give you single ladies -like myself- a few options for how to spend Valentine's Day without tears or loneliness.

Arrange a Valentine exchange with friends.
You probably have some fellow single friends.  If you do, exchange Valentines!  Get each other cards and chocolates and little teddy bears.  Just because you don't have a boyfriend or a husband, it doesn't mean you can't enjoy Valentines.  Celebrate the holiday with your friends and enjoy it.

Watch a chick flick with friends.
If you feel like imagining romance, even if you don't currently have some in your life, get a group of single friends and watch a sappy romance movie like The Notebook or A Walk to Remember.  Be sure to bring ice cream, tissues, and a teddy bear.  Make Valentine's Day a night of silly crying and hugging and thinking about what might someday come... so long as you're surrounded by giggling friends who are doing the exact same thing.

Spend time with your dad.
Ask your dad to spend a few hours of Valentine's Day with you.  He can be your Valentine this year.  Go out to lunch or dinner.  He might even bring you flowers.  If you have a father figure in your life, then he can be "the one" this year.  Take this opportunity to bond with your dad.

Celebrate being single and buy yourself something nice.
Are you single and happy like I am?  Then reward yourself and go on a little shopping spree.  Purchase an outfit that makes you feel confident and beautiful, just the way you are.  Buy yourself something chocolate.  Reward yourself a little today and remember that someday, you may be in a relationship, but for now, you're happy riding solo.

Read Crazy Love by Francis Chan.
If you're feeling lonely this Valentine's Day, I encourage you to go purchase Crazy Love and read a few chapters before you hit the hay tonight.  It's a book that will help you grow in a crazy love relationship with Jesus Christ.  He loves you so much that He died for you, so instead of feeling lonely and depressed, spend some time with Him.  Let Jesus be the love of your life.

If you don't have a Valentine this year and you're feeling unhappy and unsettled about it, remember that Valentine's Day is only a day.  It will come and go, just like any other day of the year.  Savor the time you can spend with God instead of a guy.  You can still enjoy your day, even if you're not in a relationship.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. Great ideas!! Thanks, Emily :)

    Happy Valentines Day!!!!!! <3