Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Goodbyes Hurt.

Today I had to say goodbye to Ali.  She's leaving to study abroad in China and will be there for a month.  By the time she returns, I will be gone for Impact Retreat and Aggieland.  So today was goodbye until at least my birthday in October.


Ali and I are best friends.  I'm not sure if we've been more than three months without seeing each other since we first met in elementary school.

Saying goodbye was difficult.  For the last couple of weeks, Ali and I have eaten lunch together every single day.  The memories we've made have been great.  So many good talks and yummy food.  I'm sure going to miss having someone to share my lunch break.

Today we ate lunch at our favorite Mexican food restaurant.  The hour passed by much too quickly.  Soon we were standing in the parking lot, hugging and crying (well, at least Ali was crying) and trying to postpone the inevitable goodbye.

There have been many times this summer when I've felt so lonely and Ali has been there to encourage me and love on me and remind me to stay strong in Christ.  I'm glad to have seen her for a month and a half, but man, I wish she could have stayed here the entire summer.

China will be great for her, I know.

But selfishly, I'll miss having her here with me.

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