Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Where I am now.

Obviously, the "I am going to post every single day in July" thing didn't work out.  I warned you it might not.

But you know, this break from blogging for a lot of this summer has been a huge refreshment to me.  I have a few lists of topics and ideas.  I am excited about leading a few devotionals over the next semester.  What do you think about these?
  • A weekly "five things on my mind" post. Those are easy and fun to write, will update my friends and family about what I'm up to, and they'll be regular.
  • A series on prayer
  • A series of tips for incoming college students
  • What breaks the heart of God (and is it breaking ours?)
  • A few pictures of the inside of my new house and bedroom in Aggieland
  • A series about how not to be self-serving in college, creating a new college student mindset
  • Why bad things happen
  • How I survived high school without a boyfriend and what the Lord says about His love and purpose of romantic relationships (for all of my slightly younger readers)
  • A series on Ecclesiastes (one of my favorite books of the Bible)
I am pretty excited about what's on this list.  Several of these things are what the Lord has laid on my heart this summer.  I believe He's asking me to share what I am learning to minister to others and to lay out my thoughts for my own growth.

I also no longer plan to post absolutely nothing during the month of August, although I do plan to share only once or twice a week that month, depending on my schedule, my motivation, and my inspiration.  September should contain quite a few more blog posts than August.

I will be traveling back to Aggieland very soon, which should possibly give me a little more time to write.  Also, in Aggieland, spirit and inspiration are everywhere.  I am excited to have some time and personal space in which to write some more.

I am excited to share pieces of my heart with you over the next semester.  For those of you still checking up on this blog, thank you.  It means the world to me.  Obviously, I and this blog have been undergoing some changes this summer and last year.  I know internet-folk don't like change, which means that some of my regular readers don't like my not-so-daily schedule and my new blog layout and that my writing style changes as I grow older.  If you dislike the changes, I understand.  If you embrace them, then I will eagerly show you what God has been showing me.

Your emails and comments of encouragement have been so special to me.  I treasure them.  Thank you, my friends.  If you have any feedback about things that are changing or should be changing, don't hesitate to let me know.  I welcome constructive criticism, as long as it is written in love, and I certainly welcome encouragement (with tears and smiles).

Expect to see more over the next semester, although this season of my life is changing me and this blog.  I haven't left.  Things are only changing.  I'm still learning how to adjust my blogging habits to the latest season of my life.

So that's where I am right now.


  1. I am a total stranger from Tyler, and though my best friend is going to be an Aggie next year, I am going to school in Abilene. I have never read your blog before, but when I googled "ways to make Christian friends in college" (something I hope I won't have to struggle to badly with), an earlier post from your blog came up. I just stayed up reading quite a few of your posts, and I am very touched. So, all that to say, though I am a total stranger who found you through a google search, you'll be in my prayers this year for sure. Keep persevering!

  2. Topics sound amazing and totally Spirit led. You're in our prayers Em!

  3. It will always make me laugh that one evening at roasters when you said a few minutes after i mentioned Ecclesiastes being a depressing book, that you loved that book. WIN!!!! praying for you as you begin school

  4. Like the idea about how to survive high school without a boyfriend