Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fill Me

What I am about to share is written like a poem, but it has absolutely no specific rhythm or rhyme.  I know some poems are that way, but more than anything, I see this as a prayer.  This is something I wrote during a quiet time with Jesus today (rather, very early this morning).  I wouldn't always share private times, but I see this as a kind of encouragement, whispers of my heart that may reflect yours. 

Fill Me
And what is left but to tearfully say,
"Take every part of me. Breathe Your grace into me."
I'm broken. I'm empty. I've fallen. I'm dust.
So break every part of me. Fill me with You.
This world, it has nothing to offer,
Only broken promises and dreams on the ground.
Yet You raise me to life. You sing to me.
My fragile dreams; You paint life, beauty, hope.
I throw aside the vastness of all of Your grace
And instead dress in ashes. I bear stones of shame.
You take them, each pebble. You wash them away.
My name, You whisper. I am made anew. 
Father, watch me dance. Daddy, here I am.
How I thirst to look into those eyes, Your eyes.
I'm Yours, small and empty, a vessel You fill.
My hand on my heart, how You breathe.
See me. See me. My tears, everything.
The wonder of You like dew to my soul.
Once I trembled, shattered to pieces again. Again.
You have made me whole. You claimed me.
Father, Daddy, please fill me with You.


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  1. Emily, thank you for posting this. I can't tell you how much I needed it :)