Monday, June 17, 2013

5 Things

Five things on my mind right now are...

1.) KENYA.  Holy moly, y'all, I will be on an airplane to Africa in THREE DAYS.  Three days!  The fact that I leave on Thursday and it's already Monday is hitting me in a way that spurs excitement and some anxiety in me all at once.

Even though I've already been to Kenya before and I know that God is moving in such powerful ways through this mission trip, the idea of leaving my family for the other side of the world (and attempting to remember and decide everything needed to pack in a small suitcase) is enough to make me feel a little anxious and batty.

But truthfully, I am thankful that for a couple of weeks, I will be in a place where I must focus on the Lord and serving His children.  No phone, no laptop, no extensive wardrobe to choose from each day.  When I decided to begin fundraising for this trip, I had to rely fully on the Lord to provide... and on this journey, I will need to rely on Him again, to keep me healthy and safe and provide everything I need.  He is faithful! 

I am so excited.  I'll be posting pre-written daily prayer requests while I'm gone (June 20-July 4) and I'll also post a printable prayer request schedule the day before I leave, for those who have asked. 

Three days!

2.) Have you ever watched that hit TV show, Duck Dynasty?  I actually have never seen an episode, but while I'm in college, the only television I watch outside of Hulu and Netflix is Aggie football games.  That's it.  My family members are all huge fans of the show, however.  The men appear to be godly and outspoken in their faith, which is so great.

Check out one of the latest Christian Relief Fund blog posts.  Willie and Korie Robertson of Duck Dynasty sponsor Giovani, a Nicaraguan girl supported by one of our programs.  They've also been on several mission trips with CRF.  They've been supporting Christian Relief Fund since before "Duck Dynasty."  Even though I don't watch the show, I appreciate it that this family is taking the time and effort to love on children around the world.  So great!
3.) This song.  I've loved the song since John Mark McMillan's original version came out when I was in middle school, but I'm obsessed with Kim Walker-Smith's version of it too!  I've been listening to the Jesus Culture channel on Pandora nonstop at work.  Who are some of your favorite worship artists?

4.) The fact that I may have the cutest dog ever.  For real.  Every so often, I feel the irresistible urge to share pictures of Jack on this blog, because he's the most photogenic little dog ever!  Here's what Jack does when I bring out the treats.


And here's his face when he really, really, really wants to play.

Here's his face when he's watching me eat dinner and I won't give him a bite (since he's a dog and all).

And finally, here's his face after I've caught him playing with a paper towel.

Pretty cute, right?

5.) The Almost's "Your Love is Extravagant" is another song I've been listening to on repeat lately.  I really love the lyrics. 

Your love is extravagant.
Your friendship is so intimate.
I find I'm moving to the rhythms of Your grace.
Your fragrance is intoxicating in our secret place.
Your love is extravagant.

What are five things on your mind today?

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  1. Five things on my mind today:
    1. People all over the world ravaged by the plundering and pillaging of growth economics.
    2. Nurturing the spirit of faith, and the love of God, in ourselves and all around us, as part of the solution, besides being good for all of us, in itself.
    3. Online feuding.
    4. Promoting better conduct on the Internet.
    5. Catching up with the housework.

  2. 5 things on my mind:
    -Completing all of my homework and studying for an exam that is tomorrow.
    -Living life fully without excuse as God gives it.
    -Building friendships
    -How stressed I may be when I am actually in the nursing program
    -Unity has to come forth in the body of Christ.