Monday, April 28, 2014

The Ladies of the Meadow

This semester at my university has been my very favorite so far.  I've always had sweet roommates, but these girls are my dearest friends and full of so much life and Christlike joy.

In Texas, wildflowers are blooming.  Spring is here.

We decided to have a little photo shoot.

You should have seen us trying to fit that white bench into the back of the car.

A few weeks ago, we adopted our darling white rabbits, Obadiah and Boaz.  We decided to bring them along since they are now members of our college family.  The rabbits loved the field of purple wildflowers even more than we did... although they preferred what was green.

Sammy has a wooden statue (I call it an idol, although none of us worships this object or thinks of it with anything other than a confused fondness).  Its name is Daisy and it always finds a way into our photographs and day-to-day lives.

Boaz didn't mind his new found friend.

My cousin gave me a doll head for Christmas a few years ago that has an especially creepy feel to it.  Combined with Daisy, we have quite the household.

The funny thing is that our house is nicknamed The Meadow, due to our love for flowers, our spacious backyard, and our four adopted rabbits.

The ladies of The Meadow took photos in the meadow.

The day before Easter is the perfect time for a spring photo shoot.  Bunnies, flowers, and best friends.

These precious ladies love Jesus and it is wonderful to join in celebration with them that Jesus is alive!  He has risen and He is coming again.

Easter is not about the rabbits and eggs, but God created our sweet bunnies.  He painted the wildflowers across the Texas fields like the stroke of a brush.  And He put better friends in my life than I had ever hoped to have.

Kelsey is the photographer among us.  It was her Nikon that took these pictures.  She is one photogenic lady... and Boaz is one photogenic rabbit.

And Sammy.  I have beautiful friends.

I hope you had a wonderful Easter.  We sure did.

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