Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sharon's Story

You can find this blog post on the Christian Relief Fund blog.

A young girl who lives in Kenya and is sponsored through Christian Relief Fund wrote a letter to her sponsor recently. Her story touched my heart and I hope it touches yours as well. Sponsorship has equipped Sharon to continue her education, have enough food to eat, and find hope for a brighter future.

Dear Sponsor,

Get more greetings from I, Sharon. I am glad to write you this letter just to say a word of thanks for your mercies and for what you have done for me. Surely I was going to sink in a hole and I would never come out.

My life since I was young was very bad and terrible. I have never lived with both my parents. I have never felt their parental care and love. I used to live with my maternal grandmother since 2006 when my life was extremely bad.

My father died in the year 2013. He started brewing illicit drugs when I was in first grade and my elder brother was in second grade. From there our life was going to be very worse. He used to take my mother's money from her business which she used to pay our school fees. From there he started abusing my mother in front of us. He lastly sent her out of her home. My mother had no other [place to go]. She left and went to my grandmother's home (her mother), where she stayed for two days and left to look otherwise for our needs. 

My father lastly left us alone in the house and he never bothered us. He left us without anything. He had to go and borrow. In the year 2006, we had lived alone for three months. Whenever we went to our maternal grandmother's place, my aunt used to send us away from that home.

My grandmother came back and took us. She lived with us. My younger sister used to be calling my elder brother "mum."

Our grandmother continued to live with us and we continued with education. I had never stopped going to school, but my brother had stopped. He was taken back to second grade, where we continued to learn in the same class.

My brother is now in ninth grade and we thank God for remembering us. I thank God for His mercies and I also thank you, sponsor, for your mercies on me. May God of blessings bless you and give you a long life. Thank you very much.

Your loving,

Will you sponsor a child today? 

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