Sunday, May 29, 2016

The Most Hopeful Place in the World

One of the most hopeful places in the world is Suzy Peacock High School in Eldoret, Kenya. The brightest of CRF sponsored children in this area attend school here and rival the best government-funded schools in the nation of Kenya. 

The kids at Suzy Peacock know there is hope for them, which makes so much of the difference. They study from 6am to 10pm. They are hard workers. And they truly believe success is possible for them because they are surrounded by the brightness of their futures every single day. 

In July I’ll be preaching at Suzy Peacock’s church on Sunday morning. I’ve never preached a church sermon before, but of anywhere I could possibly speak, Suzy Peacock will certainly offer me tremendous grace. They’re joyful like that.

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