Friday, December 11, 2009

The Sunrise

One of the biggest problems for me is sleep.  I have had insomnia since I was eight years old, and when sleep is required in order to function and make good grades at school, it can be especially frustrating to lie awake at night, wishing I could fall asleep. 

Sometimes there is an issue that is bothering me, and that is the real cause I cannot sleep one night.  Maybe I am worried about a test.  Maybe I am concerned for a friend.  Maybe I am simply worrying because I am a worrier, which can be a problem.  Sometimes I can't sleep at night because I'm worrying that I can't sleep. 

I feel almost a sense of despair when I see the gentle iridescence of the sun slowly peeking over the horizon at about six in the morning, and I first begin to realize that I truly have not slept all night.  But if it is a day where I do not have anything going on, and I am free to sleep all day if need be, then the glow of the sunrise can be a comfort.  It causes a sense of peace and serenity to wash over the room, and it can bring warmth to my heart.

I found a verse today that gives me the same sense of tranquility as a gentle sunrise, and I would like to share it with you.  I don't know who is reading this, but maybe you too have a problem with worrying, with sleeping.  If you do, maybe this verse will give you the same level of comfort as it does me. 

Soak in the Lord's presence.  Let Him rain down peace in your life. 

Psalm 4:8In peace, I will lie down and sleep,
for you alone, Lord,
make me dwell in safety.


  1. Man, i have had really hard time sleeping due to stress. It's been this past year. It's been better. I read my bible or listen to praise and worship when i can't sleep.

  2. yeah last night i stayed up til 5am just because i wasnt tired so i figured i myswell get something done. i was so tired too. and it's midnight now.

  3. Beautiful reminder, Emily. I suffered from insomnia for a while because I psyched myself out that I couldn't fall asleep. I'm pretty good at psyching myself out over things. :) I would always pray that God would give me peace to fall asleep and now I'll pray that for you tonight.

  4. Awesome verse! Whenever I see a sunrise I think of how His compassions or love fails not and is new every morning!(Lamentations 3:22-23)

  5. awesome! great job Emily!
    God bless you girl!
    :) Nadia

  6. (sigh)
    i have insomnia too.
    so annoying.

  7. i love that verse emily. lately iv had a hard time falling asleep from worrying about stuff. im going to write that verse down and look at it when i need to.:)

  8. Wow Emily! That's great! Thank you!
    ~ C

  9. Hello, my insomniac friend! :)
    I love your boards and your wonderful heart. I also love your writing style! When I look at you (though what you write) I see God shining through you. Keep shining on, sister!