Monday, January 18, 2010

The Dark-Haired Princess

The Dark-Haired Princess

She read storybooks before bed time,
About dragons and great knights.
She dreamed about their grand heroics,
And about their daring fights.

But one thing kept this girl awake,
One thing the stories lacked.
Each princess had hair like fair gold,
And this girl's hair was black!

"Is there no princess with dark eyes?
Without locks that look like gold?
If no such princess can be found,
I'll have to make my own."

So she took out a pen and paper,
And she tried her best to write,
But her rhymes were poor and simple,
And nothing came out right.

She shared her problem with her mom,
And said, "I really tried my best!
I guess I was wrong. I cannot write,
Of a dark-haired princess."

Her mother thought with loving eyes,
Then said, "Those tales aren't true.
There are princesses without gold hair,
And one of them is you."


I wrote this poem after my friend, Ali, who is Hispanic, told me that it always used to bother her as a little girl that the storybook princesses would only have blonde hair and blue eyes, and never black hair and brown eyes.  So I changed things up a little.


  1. This is beautiful! I love it. You truly have talent! I love writing, but one thing I do not excel in is poetry. You do it brilliantly!

  2. who is the adorable little girl?

  3. The girl is an orphan I met while I was in Kenya. I was taking pictures for their sponsorship packets for CRF, and I thought hers was just too cute!

  4. Wow, thanks Emily! I like to write myself, and you do a great job with writing! I really enjoyed the poem! Thanks again!

    P.S. That girl is soooooooooooo cute!!!

  5. this is a beautiful poem! i actually do have blond hair and blue eyes but i definitely don't think princesses are limited to looking like that! i love this! you have so much talent!

  6. also, that little girl...precious!!

  7. thank you 4 sharing your talent!this is awesome!

  8. wow. you have an amazing talent. if i could right like that...i would write all day. :D and that little girl is adorable. <3

  9. that is a really cute poem. i LOVE it.
    and princesses totally come in all colors, shapes, and sizes.

  10. well she is SOOOOO a princess!!!!! :)

  11. Thats great! You are so creative! I write poems too, but I think I like yours much better. If you want to look at them, their on our blog uinder the title "In Your Arms." I hope you enjoy them(by the way, I wrote thse poems in about 2-5 minutes each). Enjoy!

  12. Also, that little girl...definitely a princess and so cute!
    Lindsey ;)

  13. This is beautiful!