Monday, January 4, 2010

I Was There

I Was There

The rain is falling as I trudge down the street.
I'm looking for a place where I can get off my feet.
The shops are all closed and the crowds gone away,
But I see an old bench, so I sit there and wait.

My jacket is thin and my shoes all have holes.
I shiver and tremble in the night's freezing cold.
As I sit, memories start to flash into my thoughts,
Of the life that I've lived and the friends I have lost.

The wind blows around me, an upcoming storm.
I look up when I feel a soft touch on my arm.
It's a man dressed in white despite of the rain.
He has scars on His hands and His eyes have seen pain,

But He smiles at me with a joy that is true,
And He says, "I've been waiting a long time for you.
I have always wanted to call you My own,
When you hid from Me and thought you were alone,

But I was there when the rain made it hard to see.
I was there when you scoffed at the mention of Me.
I was there when you cried with nowhere to turn.
I was there when you faltered and suffered and learned,

And I am here at this moment; you never could hide,
But you can't be My child until you decide."
I looked at this man and His kind, loving smile,
And I thought it'd be nice to rest there awhile,

So I moved a bit closer and He held out His arms,
And I found that the rain had slowly transformed.
The sun started shining; there was warmth in the air,
And I realized that Jesus had always been there.


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