Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mommy Day

I was searching through old poems today and found these two little pieces I wrote in early 2002 when I was nine.

Happy Mother's Day

I'm glad you're my mom.
You have an amazing style.
You're also nice,
And you have a great smile.

You tuck me in at night.
You give great hugs.
When Luke makes a mess,
You vacuum the rugs.

Your voice is like a bell,
Chiming, so great!
Another good thing is
You let me stay up late.

Those are only some reasons,
That's why you're so fun.
After we snuggle,
The day's finally done.

Someone Little

Someone little found your love
Mixed up in the flowers.
That little one stares it it
For hours and hours.

Someone little found your care,
Found a little everywhere.
Your love for them might be mild,
But that someone little is your child.

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