Thursday, May 6, 2010


Our eyes are like skies filled with diamonds
And thousands of pixie dust stars.
Our feet in the sand, faces to the sky,
While the beach lies sleepy and warm.

And the trees sway about us like dancers,
In a breeze that is soothing and sweet.
We splash about in the gentle, white waves,
Spinning in white dresses and bare feet.

The moon casts pale shadows all 'round us,
And the soft light shines on our hair.
We giggle and twirl, only two little girls,
Dancing, laughing, without any cares.

We fall onto a pillow-white seashore,
And listen to the ocean's deep whisper.
We're young; we're amazed by the little things.
Two best friends; we are two little sisters.

Emily Whelchel

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