Monday, May 10, 2010

Almost There

School's almost out and everyone's bored.
We sit in our desks with blank stares.
Tests come and go, the teachers still teach,
But none of us is close to prepared.

Tee-shirts, flip flops, no more winter coats!
At last, we can lay out in the sun.
We don't want finals or semester exams.
We want summer camps, parties, and fun.

Excitement is high, the tension is thick,
And oh my- it's only mid-March!
I can't even imagine what school will be like,
When the end of year actually starts.

But then it does come, and never too soon,
Cleaning lockers and hugging our seniors.
Summer's finally here- freedom at last!
Shouting, "Have fun! I'll see you next year!"

But one thing remains- a shackle, a chain,
A reminder of our yearly detainment.
Stacks of thick books, hundreds of pages,
To read for summer English assignments

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