Friday, December 31, 2010

Because I'm Broken

It's New Years Eve again, a time where I look back over the last year and see how I've changed and how I've grown.  I've made mistakes this year that I regret.  I've learned things I didn't even know I needed to learn.  I went through some hard times, but I me jpgwas given amazing opportunities that still make my head spin.

While I don't throw everything into my New Year's Resolutions like most people do, I still make goals for myself and for my future.  I'll share my New Year's Resolutions with you tomorrow on actual New Years Day.  Perhaps you can hold me accountable.  Today I want to share with you some of my goals of how I want to grow as a person and as a follower of Christ.

Next year is going to be a huge change for me.  I'll be graduating high school and entering college.  I'll be making new friends and living in a new place.  I know I'll be vastly different by the time December 31, 2011 rolls around.  By the end of next year, I want to have improved myself in the following ways.


I want to be more patient.

I want to be more self-sacrificing.

I want to be more nurturing.

I want to be more bold.

I want to be more forgiving.

I want to be stronger in Jesus Christ.

I want to be less afraid.

I want to be more confident in myself.

I want to be more confident about what God has planned for my future.

I want to be more joyful.


I want to strive to develop these things not only over the next year, but over my entire lifetime.  I am such a broken, sinful person.  There is so much work that needs to be done on my heart, and these are only a few of the areas in which I need to improve.  Thankfully, I know that if I ask Jesus to help me and if I truly work at improving myself, I am capable of becoming who God wants me to be.

New Years isn't the only time to work on improving myself or to set goals, but in a way, it is a new beginning.  It's a good reminder of the journey I've begun as a little girl striving to be like Jesus.  And each year, I think I'll get a little closer.

How would you like to improve yourself and/or your relationship with God this year?


  1. I want to be more confident with His plans for me too.

    What a great post..these are what my heart desire as well! May God bless you.

  2. I want to be more self-sacrificing too

  3. Those are some great goals for the new year! Like you said, i have gone through tons of things this year that i never dreamed of, made some mistakes, but I have a great God who loves me and has helped me through it all! Spending more time with God is going to be my biggest goal for this new beginning. I like that better then a new year.

    I also heard on the radio of people making a one word goal. I'm still trying to find the perfect word. Like i heard someone say they picked faith. Putting more faith in God and in themselves. So something like that. But that word will just add to my list of other goals:)

  4. That's an awesome idea- choosing one word to describe your resolution. I think mine would be "bold" because my timidity and shyness holds me back a lot... and since I'm going to a new city and a new school next year, I want boldness to help me be an example for Christ!

  5. I'd like to be more obvious in my faith. I want to shine so bright for God. That's my biggest goal, is to let people see God's love through me.

    And hon, all of us mess up. Trust me, exactly a year ago I messed up badly. But God's grace is incredible and I can feel the change He's doing through me. I believe that you can feel that too and I'm glad that you want to get closer to your Father :) Happy New Years!