Sunday, December 12, 2010

Postmodernism: A Poem

Just wanted to make it clear that I am not a postmodernist nor a fan of postmodernism.  We were learning about this subject in Bible class at school and I decided to write a poem about postmodernism that captured its silliness.  This is the poem.


The sky is green.  The grass is white.
There is no day.  There is no night.
The dankest caves now give off light.
What once was small now has great height.

The stars have formed a box of stairs.
The knowing eyes are unaware.
My heart is laughing... over there.
Come paint the sunrise, if you dare.

The silent lips can only scream.
The earth is tearing at the seams.
When I'm awake, life is a dream.
So tell me: what does it all mean?

Absolutely nothing.



  1. You seem to have confused postmodernism with nihilism. It is nihilism (from the Latin word nihil, which means nothing)--not postmodernism--that declares everything is meaningless. Your concluding lines "So tell me: what does it all mean?/Nothing./Absolutely nothing." are characteristic of nihilism not postmodernism.

  2. We only discussed postmodernism that day at school when I wrote the poem, but it's very possible that my Bible teacher taught the wrong thing. :)