Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bittersweet December

This is a song I wrote in memory of my friend Gatlin.

Bittersweet December

The snow falls in wheeling white clouds.
Each flake is unique in its way.
Here I sit upon the snowy white ground,
Wishing you were here today.

Bittersweet December,
The month you left us behind.
It's two weeks 'til Christmas,
But you've never left my mind.

Craggy trees are bare beneath a gray sky,
While I sit here and think about you.
Three years seems like a very long time,
But it's passed by so quickly too.


I will graduate in May,
Go to college in the fall,
And man, I gotta say,
I can't believe you've missed it all.
Life can sure be hard,
But the joys are much more.
You sure seem so far,
Up in heaven with the Lord.


Bittersweet December,
A tribute to you, my friend.
Even though I miss you,
I know I'll see you again.
I still remember, Gatlin.

Emily Whelchel
December 15, 2010

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