Sunday, December 5, 2010



I stand at the edge of the ocean,
Breathing in the wet scent of the air.
The waves touch my feet in foamy sheets,
As I ask, "Lord, are You there?"

I stand alone on a rocky hilltop,
Looking over the curves of the earth.
The rocks an the trees, the rivers an streams.
I wonder at all of its worth.

I stand amongst the sands of the desert,
Soaking in the heat of the sun.
The earth burns my skin. I can hardly breathe in.
In Your presence, I dance and I run.

I stand at the base of a mountain,
Staring up at its towering peak.
Its evergreen trees, snow adorning their leaves.
Beneath it all, I feel tiny and weak.

I stand beneath a sky full of stars.
A great canvas- glitter spilled on a page.
Your presence is there; I have been unaware.
I can now feel Your wonder and grace.


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