Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It's time to surrender.

Day 29: At this time in your life, do you think you are fulfilling God's plans for you?

I want to say without a doubt, "Heck yeah, I am," but inside, I know I could always be doing more.  More for His kingdom, more for the hungry kids in the world, more for the young girls out there who are constantly living with depression and fear.  I could be doing so much more for Him.

I often live my life as if everything revolves around me.  I hole up in my room for a day or two, refusing to accomplish much of earth-2.jpganything, because I'm feeling tired.  I spend five dollars at Starbucks because I'm craving something sweet when five dollars is a week's paycheck for my sponsored child's family.  I don't share my faith with someone in my life, even though I feel led to do so, because I'm afraid of being rejected.  I don't make a big sacrifice because I might be made uncomfortable.

Have you ever done the same thing?

I must continue to remind myself that the world does not revolve around me.  Nothing should revolve around me.  Everything should revolve around Him, and that means I need to make more sacrifices than I do.  I need to give more, love more, seek Him more.  I need to spend more time with the Lord.  I need to share my faith more than I am now.  I need to give more to the needy.  I need to love on the lonely.  I need to share my feelings with my loved ones.  I need to be more like Him.

Now, I don't think that I'm doing the opposite from what the Lord wants me to do.  I think I am moving at a steady pace towards becoming the person God wants me to be.  But I still need to grow.  I have a long ways to go before I become everything He wants me to be.

I'm reminded of the song Surrender by Barlowgirl.

You say You have a plan for me
And that You want the best for my life.
Told me the world has yet to see
What You can do with one that's committed to Your calling.
I know of course what I should do,
That I can't hold these dreams forever,
But if I give them now to You,
Will You take them away forever
Or can I dream again?
"Surrender, surrender," You whisper gently.
You say I will be free.
I know, but can't You see?
My dreams are me. My dreams are me.

Look up the song.  It's amazing.

How would you answer this question?

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