Friday, December 2, 2011

The Embarrassing Picture

Day 17 and 18: Describe yesterday and an embarrassing picture of yourself.

First comes the describing yesterday part.

7:30 - I reluctantly wake up... I stayed up late studying the night before and don't want to get up for the day!  But I must, so I check my phone and Facebook for new messages and then climb out of bed and start to get ready for the day by getting dressed, fixing my hair, eating a bowl of cereal, and putting on some makeup.

8:30 - After I finish getting ready, I gather my backpack and books and leave for school.

8:50 - I arrive on campus a little early and go to the computer lab to work on an essay for ASL.

9:10 - My first class of the day, ASL, begins.  Today we watch a wonderful documentary called "Through Deaf Eyes."  I learn a lot.  I also get an evaluation by my professor.  He says my biggest strength in signing is sentence structure and ASL GLOSS and my biggest weakness is my facial expressions.

11:25 - Class is over. I run back to the computer lab and quickly write a few paragraphs over group efficacy due in an hour.  I print it out and slip it under my professor's door, which he told me previously that I could do if he wasn't there.

12:00 - Government class begins.  We are given the assignment of writing a typed essay by the end of class.  Panic ensues.

1:15 - Somehow we manage to write the essays and turn them in and class is over.

1:30 - I meet with a professor about an interest group some classmates and I have formed.  The first thing he says to me is, "I don't mean to be sexist, but are you the leader of your interest group or are you their secretary?"  Oh dear...

2:30 - I grab some Rosa's (one of my favorite fast food restaurants) and head back to my dorm to eat lunch.

3:00 - After eating lunch and watching an episode of "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," I take a much-needed nap.  I've been sick the last few days, so I need the rest.

4:30 - I wake up and finish reading a novel for my English Literature class.  It's called "Never Let Me Go" by Ishiguro.  Although sad, it's a great story and I enjoy it, even if the ending is sad.

6:15 - I go to have dinner in the cafeteria.  I sit and talk with friends for over an hour, even after I finish my grilled cheese sandwich and salad.

8:00 - I meet Stephanie at our favorite coffee shop.  Every Thursday, we have a Bible study/together-time together.  We figure out Stephanie's love language and talk about other things as well.  We pray together, share stories from the previous week since school was too hectic (and I was too sick) for us to spend time together.

11:00 - We've talked for a few hours and decide to start looking for adventure.  About this time, a friend calls and asks if we can pick him up and help him look for his wallet at a movie theatre.  We pick him up, sadly do not find the wallet, and take him back to his dorm.

1:00 - Stephanie and I spend a little more time together... and then see a shockingly scantily-clad girl (lingerie and fluffy boots only) walking by our car... and then a strangely hooded man passes by three times.  We decide it's too dangerous to be talking in a sketchy parking lot after midnight, in a car our not, so we leave for the night and plan to see a movie together tomorrow.

2:30 - After showering, checking Facebook, and texting Stephanie to let her know I arrived back in my room safely, I go to bed, tired and ready to start the next day.

Now after that long description of yesterday, here is the embarrassing picture.  Enjoy.

Yes, I was a strange child who loved my pet rats and had interesting fashion choices.  Oh, eighth grade, I do not miss you.

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