Monday, May 20, 2013

5 Things: Chacos and Favor!

Five things on my mind today are:

1.)  I got my first pair of Chacos!  I love them.  Everyone said it would take a while to get used to the toe-strap, but so far, the shoes have been super comfortable!  What do you think?

2.)  I'm back to interning at Christian Relief Fund for the summer.  Working there has been such a huge blessing in my life the last year and a half, and I am so thrilled to be back serving orphans through this organization.  I've been blessed beyond measure. 

3.)  My little dog, Jack.  Being home for the summer gives us time together, which means I get to take all sorts of pictures of this photogenic dog.

Since I've photographed Jack since he was only six weeks old, I truly believe that he understands to an extent what it means when I want him to pose.  When I pull out the camera, he pauses for a moment and then goes on with his business (and boy, is he a busy little thing).

We've had to put a gate at the bottom of the stairs that lead to my bedroom or he'll leave surprises.  Well, this devastates him, so this is Jack's pitiful reaction to being locked out of my area of the house.

4.) I've been exercising every day and trying to eat healthier.  Last semester, I was overwhelmed, stressed out, and dealing with a lot of anxiety, so I let my health go down quite a bit.  I want to make that up this summer.  I've given up most of my soda-drinking.  I've been exercising for at least thirty minutes every day.  I've also been trying to cook a little more.  If you know me at all, you'll know how clumsy I am in the kitchen.

However, I'm taking steps!  A couple of days ago, I made some salmon.  I'm pretty proud of this meal.  And yes, those are two of my dogs begging for a bite of my salmon.

In two weeks, I have lost four pounds.  Since I wasn't even trying to lose weight, I am pretty pumped about those results. 

5.)  The Lord's faithfulness in providing for my trip to Kenya, Africa this summer.  I'll talk a little bit more about that soon, but He is providing daily in ways I never could have thought to ask.  I have received a camera to take on the trip.  Also, so many of my sweet friends donated their textbooks to sell towards my and my grandma's fundraising.  Through the textbook drive alone, we were able to raise more than $240.  Favor!

What are five things on your mind? 

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