Monday, May 6, 2013

Letters for Lavin: May

Every month of 2013, I am writing a letter to my sponsored daughter, Lavin.  I sponsor Lavin through Christian Relief Fund.  Sponsored children receive so much joy through communicating with their adopted families.  I frequently receive questions from readers about what to write and send to their sponsored child, so I hope sharing what I send to my daughter will inspire you.

Here is the card I sent for the month of May.

And this is what I wrote inside.  To clarify, Lavin is nearly sixteen years old and she speaks English.  I am confident writing long letters to her because I know she will be able to understand me.  If you have a very young child, you may want to consider keeping your letter only a few lines long.

I talked about:
  • How important it is for Lavin to study in school and how I am proud of her for working hard.
  • What weather is like during spring in Texas (weather is a great topic because it is winter in Africa when it is summer in America).
  • My own life, final exams, and update on my own schoolwork.  I emphasize how hard I am studying to show Lavin that it's also important for her to study.
  • I try to disciple Lavin a little bit through my letters and point her to Christ, so I shared John 16:33 with her and questioned her about what she is learning.  I shared how I am praying for her.
  • I updated her on my upcoming trip to Kenya in June.
  • Asked some questions, like what classes she is taking, how can I be praying for her, what the weather is like where she lives right now, and etc.
I also shared a few goodies in the letter, like I do every month.

This time, I sent my sponsored daughter:
  • A few pictures of my family, with names and ages written on the backs.
  • A bookmark that says, "Jesus loves me! The Bible tells me so." 
  • A small sticker sheet.
Notice how everything fits neatly in its envelope.  Sending a lightweight, flat letter is very important.

Have you written a letter to your sponsored child this month?

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