Thursday, May 9, 2013


The Purpose of Man: Designed to Worship by A.W. Tozer.  This is a compelling and challenging book about how we were created to worship God and about the emptiness of life without worship.  I am learning a lot from Tozer's words so far.

Tomorrow I will be leaving to return home for the summer, and every time I go on a long road trip, I listen to one of Focus on the Family's Radio Theatre tellings of the Chronicles of Narnia.  These audio books are so good.  I have listened (and read) each book probably fifteen times or more, but I continue to enjoy them.  I can't decide which book I'll listen to during my nine hour drive home this time.  At this point, I'm thinking I will choose The Last Battle.

In the Bible, I am getting a lot out of the book of Ruth.  I am inexperienced and naive, so as I have continued college, I have been asking the Lord to show me what it means to glorify Him completely whenever the time comes for me to enter into a romantic relationship.  Ruth has been a challenging depiction of a godly relationship that focuses on obeying the Lord. 

to the soundtrack for Pirates of the Caribbean I and II.  I've been studying for finals almost solid the last two weeks.  I like to study to instrumental music, and this soundtrack is phenomenal.  Over the summer, I am challenging myself to learn how to play this song on the piano (although perhaps a slightly easier version).  

uhhh... this one is difficult to explain.  I am trying to reduce the number of sodas I drink.  Although I like water, I get bored of it easily.  I love soda, but I know it is so bad for my body.  I have been trying a bunch of different flavored drinks lately.

Somewhat of a winner is Arizona Kiwi Strawberry Tea.  I like it, but it still has the slight taste of tea, which makes me not love it so much.  I also like Welch's Cran-Grape and Cran-Cherry juice, but they are high in sugar and I don't care for the diet versions.  My roommate, Rebecca, tried to get me to like Coconut Water, but I don't like the taste of coconut, so I tired of that quickly as well.

If you have a suggestion of something sweet and semi-healthy to drink, let me know.  I will happily check it out. 

about my long drive home tomorrow.  There is always something a little nerve-wracking about driving for nine (or more) solid hours.

I am also praying for the results of my final exams and class grades.  One class in particular is so important.  I would appreciate prayers for the Lord's provision through my grades.  I studied so hard for each of these classes, and I am trying to trust that God will be faithful during my time in college.  Stress is not of His plan for me at all!

about what to pack for my trip to Kenya.  Although nearly everything I own is packed up and stuffed into the back of my car, I have a little suitcase reserved especially for what I am planning to take to Africa this summer.  I will be gone for two weeks, so I need several days' worth of long skirts and modest shirts, as well as small gifts to give my hosts and new friends, toiletries, and lightweight travel essentials.  I am actually pretty far along in my packing, but new ideas keep lingering in my mind.

How do you remember everything to pack when you are going on a long trip?

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  1. I love the Chrinicles so much! Those audio dramas are phenomonal.