Thursday, March 31, 2011

Who is your best self?

Day 10: Who is your "best self"?

I was reading The Diary of Anne Frank recently and came across an entry where she was talking about how she had a different Anne for everyone.  She was a different person depending on who she was around.  At first, I thought to myself, "That's weird. Why would you change around people?  Just be yourself."  But you know, I don't think being a different person around others is necessarily a bad thing.

When I'm around different people, a different self of me does come out.  It's not like I don't act like myself.  I just adjust so they -and I- will be more comfortable together.  For example, with my best friend, I'm more personal.  We talk in depth a lot.  I'm more calm and quiet... not in an awkward-quiet way, but in a natural way.  With another best friend, I'm crazier.  We have crazy moments and are constantly thinking of adventures.  I'm also more complimentary.  With one of my guy friends, I joke around a lot more than I do with other people.  My personality shifts slightly depending on who I am around.  But all of these personalities are still me.  I'm definitely still me. :)

I know that's not entirely what this question means.  I think it's also asking what is the best part of me or what I like most about myself.

I like myself most when I'm serving others or helping someone.  My unselfish or compassionate self is probably my best self.  But of course... I see compassion as the most beautiful thing in life, according to day five of this blogging challenge, so that shouldn't seem like much of a surprise to all of you.

When I serve others, I feel joy and peace.  I feel like I'm fulfilling a piece of God's plan for me.  Serving others also gives me a feel-good feeling that nothing else can really replace.  So that's my best self.

To be honest, I feel really awkward writing this right now.  Like I can't share my best self without bragging.  I have a lot of bad selves, but that isn't the purpose of this question.  No, Emily.  Bad.  Why can't we share good things about ourselves without feeling guilty?

Here are your questions:
1. What is your best self?
2. Do you change slightly when you're around different people?


  1. 1) I really don't know :/ That's probably going with your thing! I CANNOT write/say nice things about myself ever. Ever. EVER. I know I should be able to say something positive about myself but I have a paranoia of coming across as bragging :/

    2) Yes, I do!

  2. 1) My best self would probably be when I am around people who are being there best selves, whenever I'm around people who are cranky or not very nice, my attitude tends to change to be like that. When I'm being my best self, I'm actually very quiet, I'm not rude and I smile to everyone around me.

    2) Oh yeah, I found out recently that with friends that I've had for years, I tend to be more shy because through the years I don't think I've been me and my friends expect me to be like I have been throughout the years, I have found that I am more wild and interactive with new friends.

  3. 1) Sadly, its probably at church..wanting to look "good" in front of the pastor and people who I highly respect.
    @ Nikki (and Emily if you feel this way to)
    Please read "BLUE LIKE JAZZ" by Donald Miller. This book is amazing and has changed my lfe. It talks about love, and beginning to love yourself so you can truely love others.

    2) Yes, definitely! it gets kind of confusing sometimes.